Holodynes And Illness


“Illness, disease, mental imbalances, negativity and the violence of war and ‘crazy making’ crimes of inhumanity, can all be transformed. Some demonstrate qualities of therapeutic value and some are essential to survival. Any effective treatment process explores which holodynes are to be maintained and which need to be transformed.

Once we realize that consciousness has uncounted holographically enfolded dimensions, the phenomenon of holodynes becomes clear. Within the microtubules of every living cell are information systems that are holographic in nature. Holodynes are a part of our holographic reality.

While the entire matrix of physical reality appears to be holographic, specific information systems found within the microtubules of every living cell seem to be specifically designed to store information as holodynes. Part of the information comes from your sensory perception process.


As a child you are exposed to information. Take for example the first time you saw an apple. Your eye registers the image and your touch does the same. You might even taste it. Soon you have a memory of an apple. This is stored within your microtubules. From that time on, whenever you think of an apple the vision you bring up of an apple is a holodyne. It can be a red apple or green, yellow or any combination of colors. It can also have taste, texture, and reflect any of your senses.

The reason you can even think apple (or anything else) is because your entire sensory system is holographic in nature. That is, the complex information network that makes up our space-time continuum is reflected through your senses, transformed, compressed and stored in a more simple form (as holodynes) in the water media of your microtubules.”


“The same is true for most diseases. In order to heal yourself from a disease you must first learn to access the dimension of holodynes and the fields in which they are a part, and then transform both the holodynes and the field. What allows you to do this in the dimension of holodynes, is that holodynes are connected to every dimension of reality including the hyperspacial dimensions. Not only is your sensory and environmental information stored in this dimension but you can access all information from this dimension.

‘Holodynes’ literally means ‘whole units of power’. Information is stored in multidimensional forms that have the power to cause. We know that holodynes have the power to self-organize. We know they develop through an implicate order that includes the ability to preserve themselves, send and receive information; develop relationships with other holodynes and cause things to happen. They are causal in the field of consciousness.


Holodynes are also inherited, passing on from generation to generation via the microtubules of the egg and sperm, and are able to ‘imbed themselves’ in the collective consciousness through the frequencies that they emenate. When a holodyne is not fully developed, or is ‘immature’, it can cause imbalance and chaos in a person’s life. Holodynes imbedded in a collective can cause war, ignorance, and every other form of inhuman behavior.”

“From a quantum perspective, reality manifests according to an implicate or built-in order. This order forms the basic laws by which life manifests. When we apply the idea of an implicate order to consciousness, we find a built-in order by which we grow into the well-being of our fullest potential. There is an implicate order to the treatment of disease. Treatment of disease provides an opportunity to explore the basic patterns wherein consciousness emerges, how growth takes place, and how maturity develops step by step through various stages. Within each dimension there is an implicate order.


For example, holodynes causing disease are quantum and follow a similar implicate order to that of the growth of humans. Effective treatment moves beyond the traditional approaches of classification, confinement programs, drug prescriptions, and electro-shock treatments. It explores all dimensions of consciousness, all options, all holodynes, all possibilities for transformation, and the implicate order by which people come into well-being. Effective treatment helps people take their next natural step in the implicate order of their own growth.

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One option is to access holodynes and facilitate transformation through their built-in order. This order will be similar to a person’s own order of growth. That is, they have followed an order of growth in their own life. So they know the order. The macro reflects the micro. That is, what applies to the human also applies to the holodynes that are intricately woven into the human’s consciousness.

You can look at your own stage of development and find out what stage your holodynes are at. It will basically be the same. When you consciously reach a new stage of being, your holodynes will seek to reach a similar state of being. They will look for their own next stage of development. This is real medicine. Any healing effect will produce a context for healing. Unless such a context is woven into each unique individual’s tapestry of wellness, no healing will occur.

David Bohm’s controversial work, Wholeness and the Implicate Order suggests that everything evolves according to a built-in order. While this order can be seen in the mathematics and geometry of all living things, it does not imply determinism. Determinism refers to the way people view reality when they are linear and mechanistic in their thinking. They think that everything is like a big machine and that what happens is determined by the nature of the machine. Choice does not exist in a deterministic world. When we talk about an implicate order, those who are deterministic jump on the band wagon and say, ‘Yes, it must be so. Life is deterministic.’


While the implicate order seems to work as a mechanism for the emergence of different levels of consciousness, and demonstrates a well-ordered orchestration of complex information (including the forming of matter and life in various dimensions); and such an order also applies to human consciousness; it does not imply determinism. The implicate order cannot be separated from the whole dynamics.

The implicate order is nested within a larger framework in which the universe is conscious and choice exists. As Bohm and countless others have established, reality is a tapestry of conscious choice. In order to be maximally effective in the healing process, treatment of the disease would follow the implicate order of healthy growth.

Over three decades of research have already gone into the research for this built-in order.”


“All people go through stages of development. All diseases develop according to their own particular implicate order. Diseases have stages of development. Once you understand these stages you can be much more effective in dealing with the disease.

It’s like raising your children. Once you understand that each child goes through certain stages of development, you can be a much more understanding and effective parent.” -Pages 30-32 of The Wellness Manifesto By Victor V. Woolf

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