We Are Between


Dr. Vernon Woolf

“One of the greatest discoveries of my life was the realization that we live in a universe made of information. When scientists look far enough into subatomic particles they find that nothing is solid. There are no little atoms or particles, down inside reality. At the smallest dimension of things, everything is made of little spinners of information – standing waves of information in motion. To better understand these spinners, we must put on the glasses of holographics. Reality, as we experience it, is a holographic projection in which the form of matter comes from the interaction of our consciousness with hyperspace. In other words, the source of our reality is beyond the limits of time and space. This discovery has powerful implications for you and me.


What we find is that  all matter, all creatures – you and I – everything – is made of spinners of information, and so, everything is constantly in motion. Although almost everything looks to you and me as though it is solid and stable, we cannot deny we live in a dynamic universe. As we explore more deeply into our universe we also discover that it is not only dynamic, it is also multidimensional. In order to explain something as simple as gravity,


we must understand at least ten dimensions of reality. Most of us are only aware of four dimensions of reality – height, width, depth and time. Within those other six (or more) dimensions, we discover that everything is holographic and connected, and everything is conscious.

Woven within hidden dimensions of this conscious universe are the keys to our survival, the solutions to every one of our problems and the power to create a sustainable future. If we fail at anything, it is because we have failed to understand the nature of our own consciousness and the consciousness of nature – of reality and of time.


In it’s most pristine state, consciousness is a magnificent dance. Whether it is high in a mountain meadow or deep in the darkest abyss of the ocean, we are participants in the dance of life in the middle of multidimensional, conscious universe. I want to share both the experience and the physics of this dance…”


“…In a world where everything is connected and everything is driven by potential, any problem is my problem. We are connected – any problem and me. I own it and I also own the potential that drives it. I am that problem and I am the potential solution to that problem. When I remember…” “…one thing I remember is that every problem is caused by its solution.

If the biosphere is being so depleted and polluted that it is losing its balance, I am that imbalance and, once I own it, then I can become the solution to balancing the biosphere. If there is anyone hungry, I am hungry. Only then can I become the solution to world hunger. If there is anyone who remains ignorant, I am the ignorant one. Only then can I become the solution to ignorance. We are all connected like flowers in a mountain meadow. We are part of a collective collaborate consciousness. I own it, and I relish the opportunity to unfold the potential of any set of circumstances that comes up in our field of potential flowers. It is our covenant the covenant of a conscious universe. The only thing required of us is that we choose to be conscious or, in other words, aware of reality…”


“…In this conscious world, reality is multidimensional. Problems in one dimension are only solutions waiting to unfold from another dimension.To understand the multidimensional nature of consciousness, we need to understand some of the new sciences such as quantum physics, information theory and holographics, to mention a few. Quantum physics is the most accurate and comprehensive approach ever devised for understanding the laws of nature. It is responsible for more than 40% of all new inventions; it helped harness the power of the atom, and helped us get to the moon. It can also help us understand the hidden dimensions of consciousness and the mechanisms of human behavior. It is time we began to explore reality from a quantum perspective, where every set of circumstances is driven by potential and problems are challenges created by their solutions. From this view, there are solutions to every problem.


We can look into hyperspace (that reality beyond the speed of light) where we find our counterparts in reality. In my life, one discovery eclipses all others. In hyperspace, we find the multidimensional information sources that hold our reality in place. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are inseparably connected to hyperspace. We know how the connections take place – through the microtubules of the body. We are quantum in nature and connected to everything. From information theory and vortex sciences, we learn how everything is dynamic, filled with constant change. From holographics we glimpse into the projective nature of everything, from black holes to negative thinking…”


“…Once I chose to focus, I awakened to the hidden depths of consciousness. Since that time I have never been the same. Everything I do has taken on meaning – profound meaning. Every person I meet makes a difference. Nature responds to my presence. The mountain meadow exists in a state of presence and I allowed myself to share in that presence. I became more alive, aware, connected to life. I discovered life everywhere has this sense of presence. This is not euphoria or some artificial high. It does not require drugs or outside influence. This is our natural state of being. It is presence.

Presence is that state of being wherein one is aligned with one’s Full Potential Self. Presence is the essence of consciousness…”


“…Universal consciousness is everywhere – in the tops of the mountain meadow and even underwater.” (V. V. Woolf, 2004) The Dance Of Life (p.2, 7-8)

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3 thoughts on “We Are Between

  1. I really enjoyed reading your profound knowledge of the universe. I am just discovering the beauty, knowledge and wisdom of the consciousness through meditation. Thank you.:)


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