The Science Of Therapy

The following is from the book: The Therapy Manifesto by Victor V. Woolf. To purchase a copy or to learn more about Holodynamics go to or click here to visit the Holodynamics bookstore.



1. Therapy is Holodynamic

In physics, there is a web of relationships called dualities, which indicate everything is made of dynamic information fields that are connected to one another. In other words, the world is one, whole dynamic information system or “holodynamic.” Because of its public trust, therapy is concerned with any significant information within the whole dynamic of reality, so therapy is holodynamic.


2. Therapy is Multidimensional

It is a generally accepted scientific framework that there are at least 10 dimensions enfolded into physical reality. Traditionally, at least up until the last few decades, science and therapy have been based upon a four-dimensional model of reality wherein we experience depth, width, height and the passage of time. With the unveiling of multiple dimensions of reality comes new understanding of the multidimensional nature of consciousness and thus a multidimensional approach to therapy.

In a world made up of hyperspacial information spinners, quantum potential fields, holographic dynamics, quantum forces, Frohlech frequencies and parallel worlds, therapy must deal with these various enfolded dimensions because they are known to influence human consciousness. The public trust requires that therapists understand these enfolded dimensions of consciousness and how they influence personal reality and the therapeutic process.


3. The Universe is Conscious

Everything, all matter and all life forms, is made of information networks that are both dynamic and enfolded within multiple dimensions. What this means is that everything is made of dynamic information networks that are intimately interwoven into the fabric of space and time. Everything is conscious and consciousness is multidimensional.

Being a therapist requires that we understand the dynamics of these networks of consciousness. Thus, consciousness itself is a quality of reality, intimately interconnected within the fabric of space and time. Being a therapist requires that we understand the dynamic and universal nature of consciousness and apply this to the therapy experience. Any aspect of consciousness could potentially contain information that could either block or benefit therapeutic movement.


4. Consciousness is Hyperspacial

Another enfolded dimension of reality is its hyperspacial (faster than the speed of light) connection. Matter, that is, every subatomic particle, every atom, molecule and every living system, has a hyperspacial counterpart that gives form to our physical world. Our physical world and our hyperspacial dimension have a one-to-one relationship and cannot be separated. These dimensions are connected to all other dimensions. Information continually exchanges between hyperspace and the physical world. This information is manifest in multiple dimensions, including multiple histories from the past and future.

It was Roger Penrose, the neurological expert who is also one of the world’s great mathematicians and a quantum physicist, who pointed out that, before we think a thought, our counterpart in some hyperspacial, parallel dimension, has already pre-computed our menu of choices regarding that thought. These hyperspacial dimensions bring into the therapy experience the possibility of powerful influences from hyperspacial parallel dimensions and how these influences can be used in the therapy process.


5. Reality is Holographic

A hologram is a three dimensional image imprinted upon a two dimensional page. The holographic principle demonstrates that a complex information system, with multiple dimensions, can project itself upon a less complex, fewer-dimensioned reality.

When scientists apply the holographic principle to black holes, two more dimensions of reality become evident, making it possible to understand the flow of information into and out of black holes. Without this holographic understanding, we would not be able to explain either black holes or many other aspects of reality.

Likewise, human consciousness, with its complex dimensions, can be explained more fully when the holographic principle is applied. The holographic nature of consciousness is essential in the therapy process because all thought forms, including our mental and emotional patterns, are holographic.


6. Holodynes and the Power to Cause

The application of the holographic principle to the dimensions of consciousness reveals the enfolded dimension of holodynes.” Holodynes are holographic images stored within the water media of our microtubules. These multidimensional information systems turn out to be self-organizing and self- perpetuating, and they have developed the power to cause. Holodynes are, in fact, involved in all human behavior because human behavior is caused by information stored within the microtubules. This information is stored holographically as holodynes.

Holodynes are also quantum in nature. They also experience growth. They have stages of development, can communicate and be transformed. Dealing with the dimension of holodynes has proven central to effective therapy processes.


7. Consciousness is Quantum

Another enfolded dimension of consciousness is its quantum nature. Consciousness is interwoven with quantum frequencies, harmonics, potential fields and states of being.

Quantum physics is recognized as the most accurate and comprehensive science yet devised. It is responsible for more than 40 percent of all new inventions of the past few decades, made possible the harnessing of atomic power and helping us reach the moon.

One of the discoveries of quantum physicists is that consciousness is quantum. It is non-linear, hyperspacial and collective in nature. These facts have profound implications for therapy.

From a quantum view, life emerges from a quantum potential field and influences various holodynes via quantum frequencies. Life can be viewed as a natural process of unfolding potential. Life potential is enfolded within the quantum potential field. Since therapy is about living a healthy life, therapy is about the quantum dynamics of unfolding potential. Quantum life potential holds an essential key to personal and collective mental health.” -The Therapy Manifesto by Victor V. Woolf

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