Who Is The Moderator?

Dear Reader,

Meet the Holodynamics Blog Moderator!

Meet Heather, Moderator of this Holodynamics Blog site! It is our intention that this blog will provide an opportunity for sharing information that will be personally beneficial to all readers in ways that support their individual transformative and self-empowering experiences.

Heather has been applying the scientific principles of Holodynamics in her life since she was a teenager—27 years ago—and is now teaching her young children these principles in support of their being in their greatest potential as they live lives of open communication and a confident knowing that all is well, even as they experience life’s normal ups and downs.


Please feel free to ask whatever questions may come to mind—either about the science or how a specifically-named challenge can be effectively addressed. Heather will share her experiences, and Dr. Woolf and others will be available to make contributions as appropriate.

We now know that every challenge we each face can be transformed relatively quickly and easily, and that each person who addresses transformation in their own life affects the entire field of life, as everything is connected. It is true that we are all in this together, and what a journey it continues to be. It is a time for humanity to come together like never before to establish peace and equality for all, and to create a level playing field so that each person has the opportunity to become who they want to be!

Let the conversation begin!


Sue Alexander, Director

From Heather:

Hello everyone! It is an honor to be moderating this blog on behalf of The International Academy of Holodynamics, and the science of conscious as taught by the academy. Holodynamics principles have been an intimate part of my life for 27 years—ever since our family doctor suggested to my parents the benefits of attending the courses in an attempt to deal with personal challenges.

As a teenager I was experiencing family issues that had not been resolved in traditional therapy. The information learned from Holodynamics taught me the part I and others played in creating the issues, what their updraft potential was, and what could be done to transform all the downdraft stuff into energy for moving my life in a positive direction. I learned that inherited memories and information systems play a big part in our current lives, and how these systems can be shifted. I learned that every”thing” is conscious and can be communicated with! I learned that the solutions create the problems for our own evolutionary process.

I am now a better person, wife and mother as a result of having learned this information. And there is nothing I know that cannot be transformed as a result of applying sound scientific methods to solve our problems. Over the years life just keeps getting better and better.

In communications to come, I look forward to putting our heads together to address whatever interests and questions are on your minds—personal or global—small or large. Let’s have some fun together!


6 thoughts on “Who Is The Moderator?

  1. Thank you for liking my post on waveandpebbles with my photos of the Isle of Sheppey. I am so glad that you did so that I could discover your very interesting site. I definitely would like to find out more and will be coming back to visit. Do you have any suggested sources of information or people to contact in the UK? I have been studying Social Sciences at University until I was diagnosed with leukaemia, hoping to return within the coming year. I have long been interested in self-development and coaching, and worked for many years in a role that included using mediation to work with young people and their families experiencing extreme difficulties with their relationships. I look forward to learning more. Kay


    • Hello, Kay,

      Thank you for your message. You have named two things about which the information contained in the Holodynamics materials would be very beneficial to you. Comments in a nutshell are:

      Leukemia: Everything is made of information, including disease. The good news is that 1) the information is conscious and can be communicated with, 2) Such a powerful challenge has an even greater benefit hiding within it, and 3) You were made to transform the disease into wellness, and to learn to help others on their journey.

      Difficulties with Relationships: The speed of change in regards to human evolution is upon us, and it can show up in our relationships in ways that are confusing and frustrating. The good news is that relationships were created so that we could learn to resolve even tough issues. The more frustrating a relationship is, the greater is the opportunity hiding within. All relationship issues are resolvable once the dynamics are truly understood.

      All challenges are resolved by viewing information in deeper dimensions than the one in which the problems were created. Holodynamics shows how to delve into other dimensions for information. It took 40 years to develop and test Holodynamics, and there are now workshops that teach attendees how to empower themselves and others through normal daily interactions. But you can learn yourself also from an on-line workshop. In fact, one person reported their problem was solved just after reading one Holodynamics book! There are also personal, one-hour Skype sessions available to help jump-start people through issues when they are stuck on their own. Everything is simply information that needs help to evolve into its own level of maturity.
      -Sue Alexander, Director
      I can lead you through a tracking session in the comment section here to show you how it works. – Heather

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    • We take an issue you would like to work on, communicate with it and bring it to it’s full potential. You will learn to change the way you interact with your problem and create a new path towatds your future.

      Tracking is one of the first things you learn to do in Holodynamics. It creates a place of safety and opens the door to a more mature relationship with the systems that you have built and have inherited in this life. Tracking is all about creating solutions where none were previously found.

      I can do this in an email if you would rather have more privacy for your thoughts. It is a mental exercise based in science and you can use on your own once you learn how to do it. The books and workshops teach tracking and other processes in depth. I can show you a little of what Holodynamics can do for you through tracking. The functions of Holodynamics are truly life changing!

      You can reach me at Holodynamicsblog@gmail.com (I don’t always see everything that comes into that account but if you notify me on here I will make sure to look for your email) and then we can set up a good time for you and I to communicate.

      I won’t charge you to show you how to track, but it is a service that is offered on the Holodynamics.com website if you are interested in speaking directly to someone by phone. Heather (blog moderator)

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